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Sable and White Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male

This photo depicts a champion Pembroke Welsh Corgi male which clearly depicts the sable and white color. A dog may be lightly sabled, with just a scattering of black-tipped hairs over the withers, to one who is so heavily sabled that from a distance he almost appears black. This male exhibits a head that carries the distinctive "cap" with a widow's peak and black on back and edges of his ears and is sabled around his longer neck ruff with some sabling over the body, down the back and on the hair covering the tailset. Note the lighter face markings on the cheeks and the lighter shading on the pants. He also carries a narrow blaze on his head. Below is a close up photo of the head of a sable male with the distinguishing sable markings.

The distinctive black head markings are easy to see in this photograph. You can see the black edges to his ears and the widow's peak on the head above the eyes. You can even see the lighter hair underneath the black tipping.